How Mindfulness Protects Your Heart


Self-aware people have better heart health, a new study suggests.

People who are mindful score higher on healthy heart indicators, according to recent findings published in the International Journal of Behavioral Medicine from Brown University researchers. The team looked at whether having something called “dispositional mindfulness”—which means you’re the type of person who’s very aware and attentive to what you’re feeling and thinking at any given moment—was a factor for heart health. They found a pretty significant connection: people with high mindfulness scores had an 83% greater prevalence of good cardiovascular health.

Having dispositional mindfulness doesn’t necessarily mean you’re regularly practicing mindfulness processes, like meditation. For some people, being more present is a natural part of their personality. For the rest of us, some say, it can be learned.

In the study, the researchers asked 382 people to evaluate statements that measure their level of mindfulness. Participants responded to…

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A little bit about me and my journey so far

Well you have probably already read my “about me” so can sense how passionate I am about what I do, my aim is to help other women leave all the emotional rubbish behind and embark on a journey to emotional freedom, and live a happier more fulfilled life.

EFT ( emotional freedom technique) is a gentle but amazingly powerful therapy that works by releasing the negative emotional energy we have buried over the years. Sounds weird I know, but it works!!! I am living proof and I have had some amazing results with my clients. ( I will post some feedback I have received from some of my clients later).

I never imagined in a million years I would be doing what I am now, I never believed I was good enough to even THINK about having my own business or that I would ever feel as happy and content as I do now… that , I now know was all in my mind and EFT helps change the way you think, react and perceive things.

It has totally changed my life and is definitely the best investment I have ever made…

I really hope I can touch the hearts of some of you and inspire you to make those changes you have been thinking about for sooo long ..

If you’re not in a very good place at the minute, or you are struggling with any aspect of your life I may be able to help you… maybe its a recurring painful memory / fear or phobia you would like to get help with I would love to hear from you. Let’s have a chat to see how we could work together, share some stories and get you on your own personal journey to emotional freedom

Lots of love n peace